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Le Hohneck / Sentier Des Roches (Vosges, France) - 13.4km

Le Hohneck and Sentier Des Roches, the third highest mountain and one of the most famous trails in the Vosges mountain range. All combined into one hike, a very challenging hike that is. Honestly, looking at the specs it isn't to much of a challenge, but it really is! We had some bad weather (rain, fog), so that might have influenced it a bit. At certain points we could see that some beautiful scenery was hiding behind the thick fog, but we just couldn't see it. However the bits of scenery that we could see were majestic. I'm sure that on a clear day the views won't disappoint.

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Tour des quatre lacs / Hike of the four lakes (Vosges, France) - 19.1km

'Tour des quatre lacs' a quite long and challenging hike in the middle of the low mountain range 'Vosges' in France. As the name suggests it goes past 4 different lakes: 'lac noir' (black lake), 'lac blanc' (white lake), 'lac vert' (green lake) and 'lac du Forlet'. While the names of the lakes might seem very monotonous, the hike itself is the exact opposite. A combination of thick forest, mountain trails and even a straight run on a beautiful high plateau makes this a long but definitely interesting hike with nice variation of scenery. 

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Hobokense Polder (Antwerp) - 7.2km

Snugly fit at the bottom of the bend of the Scheldt, only a small bike ride south from Antwerp's city center lies the Hobokense Polder, a relatively small patch of polder filled with beautiful nature and home to friendly giants. With some luck you might even encounter them, just like we did. 

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