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5 fun tips to make this Christmas a sustainable one

Tip 1: Do your Christmas shopping locally By doing your Christmas shopping at a local business instead of one of the big online stores or multinational retail chains, you support the local economy instead of those big (already rich) corporations. Every product sold makes a big difference for those smaller businesses, and it actually makes someone happy. But what you might not know is that buying local is also more sustainable, for the simple fact that a lot of the products found in local businesses are usually sourced more locally than in bigger chains. Less travel miles means less pollution and less greenhouse gasses, so it's better for the planet. Some stores, like Borgerhub or Talent in de buurt for example even build their...

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Should you wax your IWATO products?

The recycled tent fabric from which our IWATO products are made of is naturally waterproof when used as a tent but that doesn't mean that it works the same way when used for bags. Waxing these fabrics can make them fabric water repellent, but that isn't always the best option.

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