New collection 'Obvious x UAntwerp' going live this thursday

New collection 'Obvious x UAntwerp' going live this thursday

UPDATE: The collection is now live! Check it out here

It has been in the making for a while now, but we are finally ready. A new collection! Not just any new collection, for this project we partnered up with the University of Antwerp to make unique products from their old banners and flags.

two people walking with the new obvious / Uantwerp products, backpack and drawstring bag

UAntwerp recently updated their branding, meaning all their previous banners and flags would go unused... 

When UAntwerpen realized all of their banners and flags would go unused once they deployed their new branding, they started to look for opportunities to give these materials a second life. That's when they found us, and of course we were more than happy to join their mission to save these materials from going to a landfill. 

new rolltop backpack

4 NEW co-branded products

We brainstormed about which products could be made from the materials with the outdated branding, and checked which of those products would be relevant for both of our audiences. Then we went to the drawing board and started designing these products, prototyping them, refining them until we ended up with 4 different products that would bear a label with both names: Obvious outdoor and Universiteit Antwerpen. These four products will be live on our webshop starting october 21st at 20h00.

new rolltop backpack

On-demand production

To make sure we wouldn't end up with an overstock, we opted for on-demand production, at least for the first few weeks, until we have a better understanding of the actual demand of the specific products.

There's more

Next to the 4 products that will be released this week, we have still a few designs under development. So if the first products do great, more will follow...

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Dag Hilde,
Bij Obvious outdoor staan we enkel in voor de producten uit gerecycleerde materialen ( De andere producten kan je terugvinden op de webshop van de UA zelf:

Jef van Obvious

ik heb een vraag over de producten van de UIA. Hebben jullie soms glazen met het nieuwe logo van de universiteit? dank voor je antwoord, Hilde

hilde engelen

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