IWATO Backpack (15l)
IWATO Backpack (15l)
IWATO Backpack (15l)
IWATO Backpack (15l)
IWATO Backpack (15l)
IWATO Backpack (15l)

IWATO Backpack (15l)

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The IWATO (I was a tent once) backpack can do it all, from daytrips to your favorite national park to your daily commute. It has been designed with comfort, performance and sustainability in mind. It's signature teal colored waxed canvas is upcycled from old tents

The extra wide Econyl shoulder straps and the removable back support made from recycled sportswear make sure comfort doesn't compromise with sustainability.

For the bottom we opted for durability rather than sustainability. The material itself, Cordura (nylon), might not seem very sustainable but it lengthens the product's lifespan in such a way that we deemed it the best choice.

The IWATO backpack is ethically handmade in de Kemphaan, a sheltered workshop in Hamme (Belgium).


  • Water repellent
  • Laptop compartment
  • Removable back support
  • Packing volume: about 15 liters
  • Handmade in Belgium


  • Width: 30cm
  • Height: 45cm
  • Depth: 10cm


  • Webbing: Econyl (regenerated nylon)
  • Body: Re-purposed canvas from tents - Waxed
  • Back support: Felt from recycled sportswear
  • Bottom: Cordura, high wear-resistant fabric
  • Buckles: Nylon (sliplocks) and recycled nylon (quick release)
  • Brand label: polyester (30% recycled)