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Obvious outdoor

Obvious x UAntwerp | Drawstring bag

Obvious x UAntwerp | Drawstring bag

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The drawstring bag, an all-time classic. Super compact and light, but most importantly: breathable. Which makes this bag the perfect bag to go to the gym or the pool. But they also come in very handy to carry a small amount of stuff anywhere, when you go to the office for example but you only need to take lunch and a small sweater. Don't bother to take a whole backpack, just take this super light drawstring bag. And it looks cool as well!

Take into account that the material is repurposed from old flags, so the colors on your product might not correspond 100% to the example showed in the photos.



  • Height: 45cm
  • Width: 35cm


  • At: Obvious outdoor (Antwerp)
  • Handmade by: Jef

Zoomed in on the materials

The main material of this backpack is made from repurposed flags from the University of Antwerp. Since their recent re-branding, their old flags could not be used anymore.

The loops on either end of the bag are made from old UAntwerp keycords.

The cords are made from econlyl regenerated nylon, a type of recycled nylon (from fishing nets, scrap textile, ...) that is just as pure, strong and recyclable as virgin nylon. Read more about this material hereIt's Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means it's clear of any toxic materials and is safe for skin contact. Even though it's recycled, and designed for circular economy, it's still plastic, which we try to use as less as possible. But the strong and durable character of the material is something you don't come across in other (more sustainable, organic) materials.

The Obvious x UAntwerp brand label is woven with polyester yarn of which 50 procent is recycled. It's Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means it's clear of any toxic materials and is safe for skin contact.

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