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Hobokense Polder (Antwerp) - 7.2km

Snugly fit at the bottom of the bend of the Scheldt, only a small bike ride south from Antwerp's city center lies the Hobokense Polder, a relatively small patch of polder filled with beautiful nature and home to friendly giants. With some luck you might even encounter them, just like we did. 

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Meldert (Hoegaarden) - 11.3km

If you like to take a moment to be away from it all, then this hike is perfect for you! Meldert is beautiful small town not too far from the city of Hoegaarden (you might know it from the beer) at the border between Flanders and Wallonia. Aside from a few bars and a friterie the town has not too much to offer, but it's exactly the tranquility that makes this hike so special. The tour starts of in the southwest direction, towards a small forest area, where you will find a magnificent (recently renovated) castle, that now is used as a school, the Sint-Janscollege. After the small forest that surrounds the castle, the trail takes you through the fields and meadows, with...

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Meerdaalbos (Sint-Joris-Weert) - 15.3km

This walk takes you through the raw beauty of the old forest ‘Meerdaalwoud’. It is filled with giant beech and oak trees that have been there for decades, at least that’s what I’m guessing from their enormous size. Apart from the kid-friendly side-animation and modern facilities surrounding the parkinglot at the beginning, you are surrounded with vast mysterious forest for the rest of the trip, of course for as far it’s possible here in Belgium. The big majority of paths are natural and unpaved, which is perfect in good weather conditions but it can get quite muddy when it rains. But don’t let that scare you, even with the extra challenge of long muddy trails, we still had a blast...

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