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Iwato FOLDLITE Wallet | Teal (vinyl)

Iwato FOLDLITE Wallet | Teal (vinyl)

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Teal - Faded teal - Beige - Khaki - Teal (Vinyl)

Nobody likes to carry a big chunky wallet filled with old receipts and foreign coins, so why would you. This beautiful minimalistic wallet fits what you really need, and only that. It is handmade from repurposed tent vinyl. It has 3 compartments where you can fit a bunch of cards (I can fit up to 20 of them in there), a savings card of your daily coffee bar, a gift card for that beautiful boutique and even, only if you want, some paper money. And the best part... even when it's filled completely, it still feels light and thin. That's why we call it the FOLDLITE wallet.

The binding or edge (black) of the wallet is made from Econyl, a chemically recycled type of nylon that is just as strong and pure as virgin Nylon.

The IWATO wallet is ethically handmade in de Kemphaan, a sheltered workshop in Hamme (Belgium).


  • Light and thin (even when full)
  • Easy to use
  • Handmade in Belgium


  • Closed: 11.5cm x 7cm
  • Open: 11.5cm x 14cm


  • Body: Re-purposed vinyl from tents
  • Binding (edge): Econyl (regenerated nylon)
  • Brand label: polyester (30% recycled)
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