IWATO wallet
IWATO wallet
IWATO wallet
IWATO wallet
IWATO wallet

IWATO wallet

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Nobody likes to carry a big chunky wallet filled with old receipts and foreign coins, so why would you. This beautiful minimalistic wallet fits what you really need, and only that. It is handmade from sustainable recycled fabric of old scouting tents. It has 3 compartments where you can fit a bunch of cards (I can fit up to 20 of them in there), a savings card of your daily coffee bar, a gift card for that beautiful boutique and even, only if you want, some paper money. And the best part... even when it's filled completely, it still feels light and thin.



  • Closed: 11.5cm x 7cm
  • Open: 11.5cm x 14cm


  • At: Obvious outdoor (Antwerp)
  • Handmade by: Jef

Zoomed in on the materials

The fabric used in this product consists 100% of repurposed cotton from old scouting tents. The tents are stripped by hand and the fabric is machine-washed and ironed. Repurposing material instead or recycling uses way less energy and is therefore a more sustainable option. The only downside is that the material has already degraded to a certain degree from its first use, as a tent in this case. But don’t worry, we make sure that the fabric is still in a state that ensures a long lifetime for our products.

The edges of the wallet are finished with a cotton biais tape. Cotton is a widely used natural material, but definitely not the most environmentally friendly. Better alternatives would be recycled or organic cotton or Tencel but we weren't able to obtain such biais tape yet. 

The Obvious brand label is woven with polyester yarn of which 80 procent is recycled. It's Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means it's clear of any toxic materials and is safe for skin contact.

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